Yawalak Anekjindarat 

Founder&Designer Profile

2008 Flagship store at Siam Center on Third.

2007 Participated 'Creatively Thai' Presentation, Singapore.

2007 Participated Young Thai Designer Presentation in Bugis, Singapore.

2007 Young Designers Room 2007, BIFF&BILL,DITP Department of Export, Bangkok, Thailand.

2007 Most Innovative Award, Raffles LaSalle Institute, Bangkok.

2005 A collection ‘Neo Look’ Fashion Show in Singapore Fashion Week 2005, Singapore.

2005 A Scholarship of Bachelor of Art in Fashion, Raffles LaSalle Institute, Singapore.

2005 Participated in The Exhibition of 'The Fashion Generation' in a Fashion City Stadtmuseum Landeshauptstadt Dusseldorf, Germany.

2004 Honor Reward from Bangkok Fashion City, Bangkok.

2004 The Winner Asian Young Fashion Designers Competition, Singapore Fashion Week,Singapore.

2003 The 2nd Runner up, FDCM Thailand Fashion Merchandiser Award, Thailand.

2003 Participated in Thailand Fashion Brand Builder 2003, Thailand

2003 The 2nd Runner up Thailand Wedding Design Award 03 Wedding Fair 2003, Thailand.

2003 The Finalist Young Shoes Designer of Salvatore Ferragamo, Italy.



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