A unique all-over print jacket with whimsical floral horse motif painting print and turquoise trim line along sleeve center, feature a hand printing process with gradient effect technique over an all the time classic bomber-inspired silhouette with slope shoulder cord piping around neck and sleeve is adjusted in shape. Zipper head is a hand sewing cover with self-print fabric finishing. Soft woven fusible interfacing and lining all-over.

Horse Navajo Jacket

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  • - Horse watercolor painting

    - Hand printing process

    - All-over print

    - Eco-friendly ink

    - Hand sewing head zipper covering self-print fabric

    - Front Separating Zipper fastening

    - All-over Soft Woven Interfacing

    - All-over lining

    - 30% hand finishing workmanship

    - Silky Satin elastane 6%, polyester 94%

    - Lining Polyester 100%



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